Vieraskynä: Q&A with Brian Trauth / Bräugier

Teksti: Vili Lyytikäinen / Bottle Cap
Q: Hi Brian, tell me little bit about yourself and how did you end up to create a craft beer brewery and a brewpub in Berlin?
A: I always loved beer, but in college I left the US to do a one year exchange program in Bamberg, one of Germany’s great beer cities. This experience sparked my love for Germany and deepened my interest in beer. However, I didn’t pursue these passions right away, instead I studied business and worked in corporate jobs for 20 years. I finally got tired of that life and decided to do something I really loved, so we moved to Berlin and started Bräugier.
Q: What´s the brewing philosophy for Bräugier?
A: We were disappointed at how boring and commoditized the industrial beers in Germany have become. So we have a purpose to bring back the true German brewing tradition. We do that in two ways:
1. To showcase the range of German beer styles whether it is a well-made Helles or a more obscure Rauchweizen (a smoked wheat beer).
2. To brew international styles at a world class level. For 100s of years German brewers took inspiration from abroad to innovate their own tradition. We want to bring that back.
Q: How does the year 2020 look like for Bräugier? What´s coming?
A: Of course, we hope to take our momentum from 2019 and keep getting our beers to more customers. We are already working on more export markets and our first festivals abroad in 2020. Also, we want to keep adding new styles to our list of beers and keep experimenting with new techniques. We also plan to start canning in 2020!
Q: Your favourite Bräugier brew so far? Why?
A: I always say our beers are like children and we shouldn’t have a favorite, but I really love our Schwarzbier, a German black lager. It’s a traditional German style, but you don’t see it done properly very often. Industrial versions use a sort-of malt extract to get color without rich flavors. Ours is roasty, but deceptively light-bodied and dry. It’s just a delicious and uncommon beer.
Q: Thanks Brian! Any last words for finnish beer geeks?
A: We already have a lot Finnish customers, both tourists and expats, at our BrewPub in a Berlin. So to them, thanks so much for the support. To those in Finland, I hope you enjoy our beers and if so, ask your bars for more Bräugier, so I can come visit personally for a festival or a tap takeover!
brian III.png
Photo: Bräugier

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